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Business Wine @ Duna Palota

14 Mar 2015 18:00

An exclusive informal strolling-around winetasting and businessman meet-up at the Duna Palota. If you’re a fan of quality wines and culinary joys then don’t miss out on… Read more


New Season at TERMINAL Restaurant & Bar – Interview with the Chefs

To welcome the approaching winter, restaurants update their offers with new dishes that favor seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is exactly what Krisztián Hadzsala and Roland Varga,… Read more


Mitiszol Festival

8 Nov 2014 10:00

Mitiszol (“me-tea-sol”, meaning “what do you drink?”) is the country’s first drink festival themed around beverages made with the same philosophy: respecting nature (in many cases organic… Read more


Olaszrizling October

It’s the second time around for the Olaszrizling October, and just like last year, the grape variety Olaszrizling will take the limelight. Read more


Funzine Favourites: Wines

With Fall along comes vintage, and vintage means wine. We hereby present some of the personal favourites of the Funzine Team, since what goes better with a… Read more


The Original Greek Spirit: Metaxa’s Master Blender in Budapest

Costas Raptis, the world’s number one expert and grand authority in the production of ‘The Original Greek Spirit’ Metaxa gave a speech on the history of the… Read more


Top Wine Bars in Budapest

We are truly happy to be spoilt by all the wine festivals around the country at this time of the year, but we can’t be expected to… Read more


The Juicy Elixir of Life – Health Benefits of Wine!

Find out what your favorite thirst-quencher can do for your health! As a joke, we all like to call our parents’ attention to the benefits of drinking… Read more

wine bottle vase

DIY: Upcycling Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are amazing design objects in themselves and it would be a shame to simply throw them away when they are empty. The shape of wine… Read more

borvidékek crop

Around Hungary in 80 Wines

Strange facts, unscientific but interesting stories and valuable historical data; these are just a few ways a wine region may be described – let alone the grapes… Read more


Korhely Faloda & Daloda

Liszt Ferenc tér 7. 1061 Budapest

Korhely is a new restaurant at Liszt Ferenc tér that serves traditional Hungarian dishes like Goulash and venison tenderloin with real heart and expertise, just like grandma… Read more

bor es kaja Edible Wines

Edible Wines

Harvest season is all about wine, and for Hungarians it’s simply not enough to drink the heavenly nectar, we need to put it in the food too.… Read more

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