Jü, Makrohang @ Trafó Theatre Hall

13 Feb 2016 20:00

Two bands to make your night memorable at Trafó Theatre Hall on 13 February!  Read more


Proton Theatre: Disgrace @ Trafó

3 Nov 2015 20:00 – 4 Nov 2015 22:00

Hungarian director and producer Kornél Mundruczó has transposed ‘Disgrace’, a post-apartheid novel by Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee, into a mercilessly realistic theatre piece. Read more


The Looser @ Trafó

5 Nov 2015 20:00

On 5 November Árpád Schilling’s The Looser will be played for the last time in Hungary on the stage of Trafó, with English subtitles. Read more

Kontra Klub

Kontra Klub

Liliom u. 41. 1094 Budapest

A great underground venue in the basement of Trafó, in what used to be Mappa club, Kontra  offers more space, less columns and more light. Read more


Live Melodies Selection

Do you always end up at the same place every weekend? If you’re thirsty for change and open to something new, here are some cozy music nooks… Read more


Pichet Klunchun and Myself

Jérome Bel, enfant terrible of contemporary dance, is coming to Trafó on January 27-28 with his show of cultural differences and constant learning, Pichet Klunchun and Myself.… Read more


Definitely Not Normal Guitar Music

Stian Westerhus played an otherworldly gig in Trafó’s Inspiration from Above series on January 8th. We talked to him before he took the stage to murder all… Read more

Whirling_Bobal Katalin (3)_m

Beasts and Terror at Trafó

Start the new year with dance! That’s the plan at Trafó anyway. And with a line-up like the one they’ve got, we think it’s a pretty good… Read more

hand_stories (4)

Persian Music and Chinese Hand Puppets at Trafó

Traditional instruments make their way over here all the way from Iran, while some hand puppets are taking the journey from distant China. And each will be… Read more

Akram Khan, Leicester 2010

Greet the Earth and Reach for the Sky

One legendary, international act in the worlds of both music and dance will be heading to Trafó shortly! Explore the vertical road with Akram Khan, and rediscover… Read more

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