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Once upon a time… The Star-eyed Shepherd

Some Hungarian folk tales are pure fun to watch and some are laden with hidden meanings. The Star-eyed Shepherd is both, while displaying some of the commonest… Read more


Once upon a time … Abeles Cobeles

In the middle of the Carnival season, you might need some help with choosing a killer costume. Becoming a princess may be your lifelong ambition, but as… Read more

delejes lakat

Once upon a time… The Charmed Padlock

Whoever claimed that single-parent families were a modern invention must have been pretty ignorant of Hungarian folk tales. In the majority of our ancient stories, one of… Read more


Once upon a time… The Little Swineherd

As we’re kicking off the new year in good spirit, full of good intentions and still trying to keep our new year’s resolutions, here’s a Hungarian folk… Read more


Once upon a time… Starving Matt

Christmas might be upon us with all those jingle bells, family dinners and presents, but we’re bravely going against the trend and skipping giving you a folk… Read more


Once upon a time… The Stone Soup

Now that we’re on the road to nowhere economically speaking, Hungarian folk tales might give you an idea or two on how to make ends meet under… Read more


Once Upon a Time… – The Water Fairy

This is another one of those Hungarian folk tales that you might want to take the edges off before choosing it to be the day’s bedtime story… Read more


The Flying Castle

You probably have a strong idea of how every possible and apparently impossible situation has been covered by a Hungarian folk tale by now. Some may sound… Read more

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