Supernem @ Barba Negra Track

8 Aug 2014 19:00

Dance the night away with Supernem at Barba Negra Track. Tickets: in advance: 1,000 HUF on 8 August: 1,500 HUF   Read more


Firkin – Wacken After Party @ Barba Negra Track

6 Aug 2014 18:00

The Irish punk band will throw an amazing party on the stage of Barba Negra Track. Tickets: in advance: 1,000 HUF on  6 August: 1,500 HUF FIRKIN,… Read more


Pest Chic @ Orfeum

30 Jul 2014 20:00

  Pest’s Chic is meant to perform the Hungarian chansons, honest musical confessions from the 1920s to the 1940s. Songs about love, friendship, going out, and life… Read more


Judie Jay @ BMC

30 Aug 2014 21:00

Judie Jay’s distinctive voice has accompanied many Hungarian bands over the years, including Colorstar, Heaven Street Seven, Zagar and Realistic Crew, adding both depth and style to… Read more

Helsingin juniorijouset

The Helsinki Strings @ BMC

2 Aug 2014 19:30

The Helsinki Strings (Helsingin Juniorijouset) is a world-renowned string orchestra consisting of students from the East Helsinki Music Institute and the Sibelius Academy. Ages of the members… Read more

Kálmán Berkes - Budapest-Tokyo Ensemble

Tokyo-Budapest Ensemble @ BMC

31 Jul 2014 19:30

Since 2002, the Tokyo-Budapest Ensemble has been performing in Hungary every summer. The orchestra first appeared at the Budapest Music Center last July, and now they’re returning… Read more

Wombo Photo 2014

Wombo Orchestra (FR) @ A38

3 Aug 2014 19:30

Incrazed brass attack flavoured with hiphop: a marching lunatic asylum with the best and harshest beats you can wish for. Don’t dare to miss the truly French… Read more

mrs columbo

Mrs. Columbo @ BJC

30 Jul 2014 20:00

Take three jazz musicians who are female and celebrated artists. Add some jazz and call some songs alive from the sixties to today. Mix it with friendship… Read more


Jackson Forever @ Zsófia Ship

1 Aug 2014 20:00

Talented singers will be impersonating the legendary Janet and Michael Jackson on Zsófia Ship. Pop music’s most successful family presented true pop-stars to the world, especially the… Read more

Alma Bencze Quartet

Bencze Alma Quartet @ BJC

29 Jul 2014 20:00

Bencze Alma graduated from Kodolányi János College Jazz Faculty in 2013. They have been performing ever since in clubs such as Budapest Music Center, Almárium GasztoJazz&Blues and… Read more


Lezuaso (BEL) @ MüSzi

4 Aug 2014 21:00

Lezuaso is a young collective founded by four singers from the Brussels Conservatory. Their love for vocal harmony and free improvised music joined them together in this new… Read more

The Flamenco Thief

The Flamenco Thief @ MüSzi

2 Aug 2014 21:00

Flamenco Thief is now on a 10 months tour. They are playing a very interesting “flamenco fusion” with a looping machine and lots of great beats that seriously “steal”… Read more

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