Expat Interview: Alain Losbar

A native of Guadeloupe, Alain Losbar has traveled the world, from the UK to Thailand as a gastronomic maestro. In Hungary since July 2007, he’s now the Executive… Read more

Expat Interview: Mbaye Ndiaye

Long-time Budapest resident and Senegalese native Mbaye Ndiaye is well-established in the arts and culture scene in Budapest. His musical group, Afro Magic, plays at schools and… Read more


Expat Interview: Bettina Haeberle

Basic stats From: Heilbronn, Germany Time in Hungary: 3 years Job: Director of Sales and Marketing, InterContinental Budapest Read more


Expat Interview: Michael Chapman

Newcastle, England native Michael Chapman has spent a total of more than 10 years in Hungary, from the rough and tumble early ’90s to being a husband,… Read more


Expat Interview: Michelle Enemark

Basic stats From: Maine, USA Time in Hungary: 8 months Job: Narwhal Rider (professional) Read more


Expat Interview: Dylan Thuras

Basic stats From: Minneapolis, USA Time in Hungary: 8 months Job: Yes, please. Read more

Expat Interview: Elja Daae

Basic Stats From: The Hague, Netherlands Time in Hungary: 10 months Job: runs own crafts export company Oszinte, mom Read more

Expat Interview: Dan Elinan

Dan Elinan is an experienced, top-tier chef who has lived in numerous countries. Read more

Expat Interview: The Museum of Fine Arts Docent Program

Edina Deme and Tanja Zec O’Neill are the co-organizers of the Museum of Fine Arts Docent Program. Tanja, a native of Croatia, shares her thoughts on finding… Read more

Expat Interview: Damian Macpherson

Damian Macpherson is the head pro and golf director at Old Lake Golf Club in Tata. As perhaps the only PGA professional golfer that speaks Hungarian, he’s… Read more

Expat Interview: Konstantin Pesotsky

Basic stats From: St. Petersburg, Russia Time in Hungary: 9 months Other countries lived in: US, UK Job: M&A Director, FiberNet Communications Read more

Expat Interview: Rich Adkin

Richard Adkin is a man of many facets. By day he’s a product and portrait photographer, by night he’s the lead singer and guitarist of pop rockers… Read more

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