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Christmas Dishes with a Twist

Has your family ever gone into a frenzy screaming „What a surprise!” when you brought out the roast turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy on Christmas Eve?… Read more

Rumpus Tiki BarFood for Thought

Rumpus Tiki Bar

There are two ways to describe a real tiki bar. We could list its characteristics, like the importance of natural materials, the floating candles, bamboo furniture and… Read more


Tacky Christmas Cards

As we all know, Christmas is all about sharing the love we hid inside of ourselves with the whole world, or at least with our closest acquaintances.… Read more

online Belso_004Gastro Guide

Trófea Grill Restaurants

Discover the all-inclusive buffet restaurants where you can eat and drink as much as you can for a fixed price.  The restaurants are located near to the… Read more

online kanpai KI-7Gastro Guide

Tokyo, Hungary – Kanpai Izakaya

The management of Fuji Restaurant decided to venture onto unknown terrain and open a downtown bistro that serves Japanese food and drinks – as a result of… Read more

online szamosFood for Thought

Szamos Christmas Specialities

At Szamos Gourmet House you can taste bejgli, the typical Hungarian festive cake in two flavours, walnut and poppy. If one slice is not enough of this… Read more

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