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chocMe is a Hungarian artisanal chocolate brand. It began as a one-man passion project of Gábor Mészáros in a single-room shop unit and although today it operates in a custom-built small factory, chocolate is still made by hand. chocoMe really became known for their large chocolate bars that customers could select any toppings they want for, the lists ranges from gummy bears to gold shavings.

Always keen to innovate, this September they are coming out with two kinds of new products. One is the chocoMe Raffinée: freeze dried strawberries, sour cherries and hazelnuts covered in chocolate. Freeze drying fruit preserves its natural flavour without additives, so it was important in developing Raffinée to achieve a good ratio of chocolate to fruit, not to overwhelm the taste of the fruit.


The other new product will be warmly welcomed by diabetics as well as anyone on a diet who is not prepared to sacrifice all joy in life. From October various falvours of sugar free chocolate bars will be available, using maltitol as substitute and a 53.9% Belgian dark chocolate.

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