Runnin’ Wild no. 3 – Word: up!

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Running shoes on, get ready. It’s gonna be tough now. (I warned you.)

Already through the warmin’ up at Vérmező? Increased your distance on the streets of the 2nd district? Bored with running flats? Looking for a new challenge? Here you are, dear fellow runners: we’re getting to the top!

Why to run uphill, you ask? Just to name a few advantages: running hills not only works your upper leg muscles more than running on a flat ground, but it strengthens and tones your backside, booty and hamstrings, and by building strength, it also enhances your speed. Don’t be half-hearted skipping the hills, Mr. and Ms. Gumps, but take a deep breath at the bottom of Diós árok (our main route to follow for now), and dare to face the incline: focus on the challenge and don’t chicken out! It’s gonna be tough for sure, but is there anything more divine than gaining victory over hills, and feeling as glorious queen of the mountain on the top, having the whole city at your  feet?

Your hard session in the 12th district includes the following trail:

Start at: Széll Kálmán tér (MAP B1)
Warm up: run till Szent János Hospital (1225 Budapest  Diós árok 1-3.) through Városmajor
Uphill: run till the very end of Diós árok – up until Béla király út (N47.501433; E18.988227)
Downhill: Istenhegyi út – Nagyenyed út (MAP D1) till you reach Déli pályaudvar, then back to Széll Kálmán tér
Distance: approx. 7,8 km
Time: 1-1:15 (mind the panorama…) 

This trail always makes me excited, keeping my blood pressure high through the whole route: similarly as the very last bite of food that tastes the best, the hardest part comes at the end of the street after Susogó utca (47.506825,18.990244) – should we call it the cherry on top? That part of the district is worth visiting anyway: elegant detached houses line your way, and even a very shallow stream delights you with a sound of nature! And to top it all, the breath-taking panorama on Istenhegyi út speaks for itself…

Tips for running hills:

  • When you’re running uphill, instead of keeping your eyes firmly at your feet, look forward and gaze up where you’re heading – heads up! With eyes focused ahead, it’s easier to breathe and maintain good posture.
  • Keep moving your arms so that your legs follow!
  • Lean slightly forward into the hill
  • Go for shorter strides with a more rapid turnover
  • Stop for a while if your heart starts beating too hard
  • Don’t miss to reward yourself with the beautiful panorama when you reach the top… 

Running downhill

As getting to the top also means you have to run down the other side (hills are like that, sorry), here’s a tip how to run downhill properly: instead of fighting the gravity’s inevitable pull, try to allow it to pull you down the slope. Try to lean into the hill a bit – as if you were just ‘falling’ gracefully.



Szilvia Ligeti

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