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Maha Hot Yoga Studio is a tranquil island of peace by the Danube onMarinasétány. Join Maha Studio and get fit for the summer. Try out one of their hot yoga classes such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow and hot power yoga, orNew York’s new yoga (very hip over there right now!). Alternatively, there are normal temperature classes like Hatha yoga, pregnant yoga, baby-mummy classes, Pilates or body art. For Latin beat lovers, there’s zumba! Oh yes, and whilst you’re working out and letting your mind relax, admire the spectacular panorama view of theDanubeand the Buda-hills.

And here’s how you can benefit from hot yoga classes. First of all, it speeds up the body’s metabolism, intensively detoxifies the body and helps flush toxins from the skin. You can warm your muscles faster enabling them to stretch better. The heat also allows the body to go a little more deeply into the postures so it is easier and safer to complete the exercises. As other yogas as well, hot yogas also help the body relax and improve breathing techniques. In a 90-minute workout, each and every part of your body will be moved so your muscles and inner system receive oxygen rich blood and as a result we can live more healthily. Hot yogas are excellent for those who want to work on their strength, flexibility and tone along with the cardiovascular system.

Maha Hot Yoga Studio
1138. Budapest, Marina sétány 1.
Tel: +36.1.877.61.21



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