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Sports aren’t something you just do when you’re on summer break. Many of us don’t even have one. But even in an office, there are many ways you can work-out, or at the very least have some good, active fun.

Sometimes you need to stretch. But shuffling aimlessly is boring. Enter the ‘Funslides Carpet Skates’. If you are lucky enough to have a carpeted office, than you just strap these bad boys to your shoes, and skate around like you’re on ice, but more importantly, like a boss. The commercials show ‘pros’ sliding down inclined surfaces, but we don’t have those at the FUNZINE offices yet, so we can’t comment.

If you’re more into ballgames, but think office golf is cliché, you can always invest in a mini basketball set, available in most toy-stores. They can be affixed to doors, walls, or a trash-can, so you might not even need a ball. You could put them on the windows, if you have any, but missing your free-throw might be more intense. There are even some that come with built-in sound-effects to cheer you on for not working!

For the hardcore worker we present the ‘GymyGym’ ergonomic exercise chair. You sit back on a stripped bungee seating system that takes your shape for a comfortably ergonomic fit. Affixed are hand grips and leg straps, that are secured to a system of natural silicone resistance bands, allowing the user to undertake 16 core exercises aimed at strengthening arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders and so on.

Finally, the ‘Circulation Improving Seated Stepper’. A mouthful of a name, it is basically two footpads under your desk that provide resistance using strong elastic bands; each step tones your legs and hips, burning calories and improving circulation in your lower body. A built-in timer located between the two footpads even tracks your workouts! Just do it!

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