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ae bizottság

AE Bizottság: I can’t take the hassle

Nem bírom a gyűrődést, this little gem of Hungarian art-punk or avant-garde is all about the bother of working. Its two alternative titles, Work song and Slave song, alone give you an idea of how the members of Albert Einstein Bizottság related to work. Although the words of the song are pretty unintelligible, they are easy to remember. They describe the exact attitude of office workers all around the world: ‘I can’t take the hassle / I can’t take the hassle / My nerves are wrecked / My nerves are wrecked /… / I’m sick, it seems / You’ll bring the death of me.’ No more words needed.



Beatrice: 8 hours of work

We already told you about the musical legacy of Feró Nagy, but he’s an inexhaustible source of entertainment. After the second reunion of Beatrice in 1987, the Dadaist elements disappeared and were replaced by instant hits with taunting lyrics. Their best-selling album, I Hate the Whole 20th Century, gave us the anthem of the working everyman. 8 hours of work describes the basic human condition of working for 8 hours, resting for 8 hours and having fun for 8 hours, with heavy emphasis on the misery of the 8 hours spent drinking yourself silly in the pub.



Bergendy: Work song

The first ever concept and double album in Hungary, Bergendy’s Monday, gave us the perfect modern work song, aptly titled Work song. There’s no proper video available on Youtube (as music videos didn’t exist in1973 in Hungary), but this one depicts our recent Kossuth Prize-winner, Ferenc Demjén wearing extra-wide flare jeans and the whole hippy gear. Priceless. Work song itself is an exciting mixture of funk and jazz, with extraordinary woodwind solos, and an arching chorus counterpointing the monotonous verses. Not exactly what you’d imagine work in the mines to be like, but it’s a great piece from the ‘70s.


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