Bits and bobs from The Subways


We did a little research on The Subways guys so you can get to know them a little before heading to their concert to A38 (see event here)

Here are a few interesting facts about Billy Lunn, Charlotte Cooper and Josh Morgan, a.k.a. Wolfman:

If Budapest were a coffee, what would it be?

Billy: Caramel and hazelnut. It’s tasty and classy! Yum!

Charlotte: Budapest is very pretty, and I think the prettiest coffees are liquor coffees with whipped cream on top.

Josh: Lots of sugar with a marshmallow on top. Sweet as can be!

Favourite Hungarian phrase/word?

Billy: Őrült (means ‘crazy’, eds.)

Charlotte: I used to know how to say “thank you” and “cheers”, but I’ve forgotten!

Josh: A légpárnás hajóm tele van angolnákkal - My hovercraft is full  of eels!

Strangest food eaten here?

Billy: A very small biscuit with my coffee. It tasted like love!

Charlotte:  Not much food is strange to me after eating fish eye in Japan.

Josh: Spaghetti Bolognese (sorry, not very adventurous with my food)

Funniest thing to happen to you in Hungary?

Bilyl: I got very drunk and shouted at everyone. I made them all drink lots of beer and everyone was pretty loud, though!

Charlotte: It’s yet to happen…

Josh: I got thrown out of a hotel swimming pool for improper use!

What is Hungary most famous for?

Billy: Having a city as beautiful as Budapest. I recently recommended it to a friend – she’s coming!

Charlotte: Ernő Rubik who invented the Rubik cube was born here, and I reckon it has to be one of the world’s most famous puzzles.

Josh: Attila, the Hun. Nutter!

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