Flamenco on Speed


Take the guitar sounds of the Gypsy Kings, the footwork of Riverdance, add some cellos and violins, and – last but not least – seven sweaty six-packs, and you get Los Vivancos!

Even as children the Vivanco brothers would present, once a year, a full time performance to their family, dancing, playing their instruments, performing acrobatic acts. After graduating at the Professional Conservatory of Dance ofBarcelona, Elías, Josué, Jasua, Cristo,Aarón,Israeland Judah decided to each go their own way and gather as much professional experience as possible independently.  They wanted to triumph individually before doing so together. Nearing the end of 2006 the brothers reunited and formed the dance company that today is said to be the musical-scenic phenomena of this new decade: Los Vivancos. Having toured seventy cities of thirty countries with their so-called extreme flamenco fusion show the brothers have mesmerized audiences with their unique mix of flamenco, ballet, jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop, martial arts and street dance. And now they’re about to step on stage atMargaretIsland. Beware, sparks will fly from these flamenco shoes!

Los Vivancos
June 15, 16. at 8:30 p.m.
Margit Sziget Open-air Stage

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