A Cheap Eat


With Christmas round the corner one might find his wallet empty in no time. If you’re done with your shopping and completely broke, we’ll show you how to survive until that Christmas turkey lands on the family table. A cheap (yet filling) meal for two – for 400 HUF only!


Got some broth left over from yesterday, but you’ve eaten out the contents already? No problem, you’ll need just a couple of things to magically create a brand new meal. A breadsoup.

You’ll need:

½ broth

1 onion (20 HUF)

¼ sausage (200 HUF)

2 eggs (80 HUF)

Lard (50 HUF)

Salt and pepper (5 HUF)

1 slice of dry bread (10 HUF)

This is how it’s done:

Toast a half a slice of bread in a pan, on a bit of lard or oil. While they’re toasting, cut the onions into small pieces and the sausage. Place a piece of bread in every plate. Fry the onions and the sausage in the pan. Divide it up between the plates. Break an egg in every plate, grind a bit of pepper on top. Pour hot broth in every plate. Voilá, there goes your yummy soup!



If you’re thinking some really sophisticated sweet pastry, a masterpiece of bakery, think again. We’re talking bread here. With sugar.

You’ll need:

2 slices of bread (20 HUF)

Sugar (30 HUF)

And here’s how it goes:

Cut off two slices of bread, neither too thin, nor too thick – we’d recommend thickness of1 cm. Scatter some sugar on top. Press in the sugar gently with your fingers (but don’t be too hard on that bread!). When ready, turn it upside down and hit it a couple of times, with short and definite movements. Gather the fallen sugar carefully in your hands, and pour back into the bag. Place on your plate – the dessert is ready to be served!

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