Health under the Christmas tree


According to statistics, three quarters of the health expenditure of developed countries goes to treating chronic diseases that can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Your health is worth investing in, we’d say!

High blood pressure, diabetes, circulation problems and musculoskeletal diseases – all illnesses caused by modern-day life. Prevention is better than cure, we all know – especially in this case, when prevention takes on the form of chilling out in hot thermal water! And now it all comes really cheap too.Budapest’s spas have a special Christmas offer four you: buy an annual season ticket, and good health will be granted not only to you, but a friend of your choice as well!

The season ticket can be used once a day, so the two owners can take turns – in any of the eight spas of the city, all different and special on its own way. Rudas and Király baths date back to the Ottoman times; these historic monuments still bear their oriental signs. Széchenyi bath,Pest’s first spa is one of the biggest bath complexes of the world, with its 21 pools. World-renowned art nouveau Gellért bath and hotel was opened in 1917, but records on its miraculous springs date back to the Middle Ages. The beneficial waters of the Lukács bath were also well-known among healers in the Middle Ages – and are just as popular today, serving as a favored meeting spot of the crème de la crème of the art world. And let’s not forget about Dagály, Dandár and the Csillaghegy baths, all offering revival for body and soul.

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