Healing With Their Hands

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We know you’re leading a stressful life packed with pressure, so we scouted a place where you can regain your balance!

Thai massage, oil massages and healing massages – Thai Massage and Healing Massage Budapest offers all of those in one place. What the place is most proud of however is its Thai massage – let’s see what this technique can do for your tired body!  it’s is an ancient technique that’s substantially different to western massages, both in its methods and its effects. It’s a so-called dry massage concentrating not on the muscles, but the meridians to improve circulation and to help to detoxify the body, while the stretches and movements resolve the rigidity of the muscles. It’s highly recommended for people living a sedentary life, for people suffering from insomnia, living a stressful life, for sportsmen as well as preventive therapy!

But there’s a lot more on offer here than only Thai massage! There are oil massages relying on the healing effects of Thai aromatic oils, so-called Thai mix massages which are part of traditional Thai medicine, body contouring-, fat burning- and anti-cellulite massages, massages for pregnant women as well as massages for kids and babies. And did we mention that the place hosts a salt cave as well? The cave utilizes dead sea salt and rock salt to protect your healthy especially in case of respiratory diseases.

Thai Massage and Healing Massage Budapest
1132 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 25.
1056 Budapest, Só utca 5.
+, +36.1.780.0665
Open every day 10 a.m.-7 p.m. (the one at Fővám tér until 9 p.m.)

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