Behind the Scenes of Budapest

budapest shooting

Budapest and Hungary have provided beautiful settings for a number of international film productions, sometimes acknowledged and sometimes disguised as another part of the (under)world.

Budapest was not-so-disguised as Paris, London and Rome in Steven Spielberg’s Munich, Hungarian shop signs appeared in the funeral scene of Evita, the old Roman church in Ócsa played its part in TV’s Pillars of the Earth and we could go on and on listing past productions.

But Budapest will feature heavily on your TV and cinema screens in the near future too, if the traffic jams and tabloid pictures of the visit of Brangelina and Robert Pattison in 2010 are anything to go by. So what should you be looking forward to on the big and small screens? Teenagers have Monte Carlo, featuring Selena Gomez (if you don’t know the name, don’t worry, it’s just an age thing) mistaken for royalty. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s certain about ex-vampire Robert Pattison’s Bel Ami, is that it’s not coming to theaters near you at Christmas. To get you through the anxious wait, the film that might be the best ensemble drama of 2011, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is coming to cinemas in the fall. Yep, Gary Oldman and Co. were here for a few glorious days last September to shoot scenes that will make up the Czechoslovakian (!) bits of the movie. Last October saw Angelina Jolie gracing our city with her directorial debut, transforming some of its squares into war-ridden Bosnia. The result of all the tumult and excitement comes to cinemas in the winter, entitled In the Land of Blood and Honey. Do you remember fantasizing about bumping into and having a drink with John Cusack last fall? See him instead as a genius with a dark disposition roam the streets of Budapest (disguised as 19th century Baltimore) in The Raven March 2012.

Aranka Szabó

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