Fresh Fruit and Fabulous Skin

There’s a new addition to Budapest’s plush, candlelit beauty-salonscape. Perched on the edge of the Danube, the Marriott Hotel’s popped a glistening little health and beauty gem into their ultra-modern World Class Health Academy complex. I strolled along the Danube, and headed in for a five star pampering…

After a smile-filled greeting from my glowing-faced therapist, Adrienn, I was led into the tranquil treatment room. Candles flickered, soft lighting bathed the bed and its soft, cream towels, and the space breathed ultra-luxurious, ultra-relaxing and brand spanking new.

It’s a SOTHYS Spa, which means the high-end Paris brand alone is used. The treatment I’d lined up was the SOTHYS Seasonal Gourmand Facial. It’s a facial “for everyone”, explained Adrienn, “old and young, male and female.” In fact, 30% of her clients are male. It’s a fruit and vitamin packed combination of summery pomegranate and passion fruit; the aim being to add nutrients and radiance to the skin. The treatment began with a soft cleansing and gentle peeling, to prepare my face for the goodness to come. A facial massage with pomegranate serum followed (which, it was explained, was crammed with vitamins and AHAs – things that make your skin look fabulous), along with a rich pomegranate and passion fruit cream massage. I’m not talking a few token temple rubs here; Adrienn worked her expert hands across my face, eyelids, neck, shoulders arms and upper back, to induce relaxation as well as lymph drainage (again, read: to make your skin look fabulous).

The aroma filling the room by this point was made up of fresh, zingy tones and the soft, tropical scent of passion fruit in particular. Yummy. The final stage involved a comforting, thick mask (of the same fruits) brushed gently across my face, eyes and neck. The result was a delicious smelling fruity face-cocoon. After resting alone in the low-lit room with soft music for 15 minutes, the mask was removed and a further cleansing was followed by a finishing flash of serum to complete the one-hour treatment.

With my newly vitamin-plumped face, it was time to head back to the office… I definitely had the most glowing skin on the tram. Had I had more time, a glance at a treatment menu in the opulent dressing room revealed a range of further facial treatments, as well as some more-than-tempting body wraps, rubs and scrubs.

Amy Weston

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World Class Health Academy
Budapest Marriott Hotel
Budapest, Apáczai Csere János út 4-6.
MAP I. E4 (Budapest FUNZINE)
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