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watership-down-original-2Books & Exhibitions

Paper Animals

When it comes to novels about animals, the first few titles that pop in people’s minds are Lassie, Bambi and Vuk (in case one’s familiar with Hungarian… Read more

Oláh Orsi Marne, 2014 szeptemer 5Books & Exhibitions

Art Project – Art Is In The Room

Art Project is a new initiative that aims to portrait the local, contemporary and ambitious artists in an approachable form. It creates an informative, yet laid-back space to showcase their… Read more

735227_515847995125920_499734336_nGastro Guide

Dine on Deck

Have you ever wondered about those mysterious boats docked along the eastern bank of the Danube, cradled by the river, floating lazily atop the waves, most of… Read more

Funzine_engFashion & Design

Szputnyik K-22

Finally you can find your favourite vintage and design fashion store on Király utca as well, where quality meets trendy. The newest member of the Szputnyik family… Read more

Felvonulás 8Festivals

20th Danube Carnival

The main ambition of the Festival since its establishment is to provide the audience with long-lasting artistic experience; besides popularizing our cultural heritage Europe- and world-wide to foster… Read more

DSC_7294Food & Drink

Costes Downtown

Vigyázó Ferenc utca 5. 1051 Budapest

Majestic elegance and top gastronomy go hand in hand: Prestige Hotel Budapest has partnered up with Costes Restaurant run by owner Károly Gerendai and overseen by chef Miguel Rocha Vieira. The… Read more


Everness Festival 2015

Five days of celebrating consciousness and experiencing the cosmos together in the most positive state of mind. Everness festival is like a mandala of colours, sounds, flavours,… Read more


Summer Picnic Etyek

On the first weekend of June the summer edition of Etyeki Piknik will welcome every winelover with open cellars, guest winemakers, cook-offs, a Gastropromenade and live concerts. … Read more


Business Wine – Business, Wine, Nature

An exclusive informal strolling-around winetasting and businessman meet-up at the mesmerizing Vigadó. If you’re a fan of quality wines and culinary joys then don’t miss out on… Read more

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