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szines-varosLife & Style

Alternative Sightseeing

In recent years Budapest has entered the forefront of the world’s best touristic destinations enticing millions of visitors per year. The lavish party life of Budapest, the… Read more

itt-a-farsangDid You Know...

What and When is Farsang?

The Carnival season envelopes so many different traditions and significant dates that remembering them all definitely isn’t child’s play. Especially in Hungary where local customs are added… Read more

Munkácsy_GolgotaCulture Club

The Painter Prince

Mihály Munkácsy died in a German mental hospital on the eve of 1 May, 1900. His funeral was held 8 days later in Budapest. The people weren’t… Read more

quiznight_logo_2_szinuFUNZINE Recommends

Quiz Night – Playful Learning

Have you always loved testing your knowledge watching ’Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ or other quiz shows and shouting the right answer at the TV screen… Read more

???????????Food for Thought

Italy’s Finest

Krízia is an Italian restaurant to the core! If you ever wondered how an Italian chef and eatery owner thinks about his own profession, meet Graziano Cattaneo… Read more

valentines-day-holiday-mood-love-heart-wallpaper-4Family Tips

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Handmade gifts are more heart-warming than an expensive fancy presents bought in the shopping mall. The best way to express your love is to put effort and… Read more


Hearts Beat Like Drum and Bass

In the current installment of our electronic music guide we’ll look into the genre of drum and bass, on the occasion of its 20th Hungarian anniversary in… Read more

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