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Watching the Stars

Mankind has been observing the night sky for tens of thousands of years, deeply enchanted by the vast darkness looming above. And although most of us are… Read more

937_16383-pCulture Club

Get Cultured!

Ever since 1977, International Museum Day has been celebrated on 18 May in more than 120 countries, to raise awareness on how important museums are in the… Read more


10 Best Moments of FUNZINE

FUNZINE’s mission is to help people find FUN in Budapest. From time to time we come out of the office to enjoy what the city can offer. Read more

dance_1Dance & Theater

International Dance Day

On 29 April, the world takes a few bouncy steps to celebrate the International Dance Day. The idea of the annual event came to life by an… Read more

Service-Dog-PuppyLife & Style

Four-legged Guardians

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal animals, faithful and caring to human beings. Their unconditional trust and love is also proven by the fact that… Read more


Top 10 Punnany Massif songs

FUNZINE’s going to celebrate its 10th anniversary on 13th of May with a frenetic Punnany Massif concert in Budapest Park. For this occasion we collected the best tunes of… Read more


Bits and Pieces

If by any chance you’ve spent the last month living under a rock, then just read this article to bring yourself up to speed!  Read more

zagreb 1Articles

Twinned with Budapest

The 25th of April is World Sister Cities Day: it’s when the whole world is reminded that not only living things can have siblings, but towns and cities… Read more

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